CHAIR Theresa Burke 802-468-2615
VICE CHAIR Mark Candon 802-747-7127
SECRETARY Joyce Hottenstein  802-236-1730
TREASURER Seth Hopkins 802-247-1460
Doug Gage 802-773-0616
COMMITTEEWOMAN Sue Gage 802-773-0616
FINANCE CHAIR Charles Piso 802-746-7945

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  • John Maslack
    commented 2018-04-18 17:48:40 -0400
    It’s time to recognize and accept that backing Phil Scott in the primaries is a loosing proposition. He has alienated his core supporters and this includes some Democrats. The lesson Bill Clinton and the Democrats learned about guns will now come home to roost in Vermont. He will not be elected Governor again in this state. Pick a candidate who can reclaim those voters who elected Scott and maybe we have a fighting chance. Go with Scott and we get a Democrat…..