Morton: What IRS is to Citizens, the Auditor of Accounts is to State Government

Rick Morton

Buyers’ Remorse. A lot of people who voted for our president are experiencing it now. Name an issue and this administration is dropping the ball: Inflation, border security, energy policy, education priorities, Afghan extraction, on and on it goes. These are national issues impacting Vermont citizens at the gas pump, the grocery store, the schoolhouse, and our workplaces. The majority party in DC wants to Federalize elections, pack the Supreme Court, and provide amnesty for millions of immigrants. While most are fine people, they came here illegally. 

In Vermont, our politicians are more rational than DC politicians, right? Well, not so fast. In this past session we had a run-a-way legislature. Where did legislative leaders in Montpelier get these ideas? “Mystery” taxation on energy, Clean Heat Standard’s unelected board transforming Vermont’s home heating industry, a proposed registry of home repair specialists, an attempt at registration of all rented housing, decriminalizing prostitution (Burlington), a charter change (Brattleboro) allowing 16- & 17-year old’s to vote and hold office. 

One of the more egregious outcomes from this last session was passing Proposition 5 (Article 22) to amend Article 1 of the VT Constitution for the first time since 1876. It is unnecessary, vague and dangerous. 

Article 22 doesn’t mention women, or any age limit. Could it actually lead to more third trimester abortions? Or lead to a healthcare worker shortage as workers leave Vermont or the healthcare field due to the elimination of conscience exceptions? Or could it lead to parents and family being excluded from life changing adult decisions being made by children under the influence of non-family? It would stop future legislatures from correcting these serious flaws. I will vote No on Article 22 and hope other voters will join me in doing so.   

If Vermont voters are dissatisfied with our country’s direction and our state legislature’s actions, there is an alternative: change the party balance in Montpelier and elevate more Republicans to statewide office. 

I am running for Auditor of Accounts.  Yawn? Boring? 

Consider this: What the IRS is to ordinary US citizens and businesses, the Auditor of Accounts is to government at all levels and jurisdictions. The Auditor leads staff in reviewing and reporting on governmental efficiency and honesty, potentially including such things as election integrity from the Secretary of State’s office to various election practices in towns across Vermont. I will work to see that Vermont is fiscally responsible, efficient, and using best practices.

With a strong background in bank compliance and the heart of an ordained chaplain at a southern Vermont assisted living facility, I have an “outside the echo chamber” point of view. Not sure? Call 802-257-2780, email [email protected], Web site: 

The author is a Brattleboro resident, Republican candidate for Vermont Senate, and Republican candidate for Auditor of Accounts.