Wheeler: Ballots, not Bullets, will Stop the Farcists

by Ed Wheeler

Occasionally people will make observations about our national and local situation and then talk of armed uprising. The problem I have with this is that our American founders gave us a brilliant system for peaceably achieving change without resorting to violence and too many have ignored it! In many cases these would be armed patriots have never attended even one town or county party meeting. They have not run for office or actively supported candidates. They have not gone to a school board meeting or any other public meeting. They have ignored many opportunities to assert their role as one of “We the People”.

As long as the Declaration of Independence (our values) and the U.S. Constitution (our system) stand as the defining national documents we have a way to peacefully make a difference. A republic does not run itself. It demands participation. Patient, steady participation is required. Destiny belongs to those who show up and fulfill their responsibility as citizens.

Meanwhile, the farcists among us are doing all they can to provoke violence so they can in return crush their political opposition through sheer force. William Federer has done a great job of documenting this. For example, Hitler burned the German legislative building but blamed it on his political opponents who were then rounded up and eliminated. More recently the President of Turkey staged his own attempted assassination, blamed his opposition and then eliminated all of them. Sounds like J6 right?

The point now is they WANT us to get violent so they have an excuse to eliminate us. We must not give them this excuse. Instead we must replace them by voting them out of office. We have to overwhelm the most extreme efforts to rig the system.

We are being ruled by evil, devious and foolish people! They want to “transform” our country and make it another failed socialist experiment! Don’t let them!

The author is pastor of Valley Bible Church in Middlebury.

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