Let's Go Brandon VT - Video Premiere

What an exciting night last night! Thanks to the 150-200 people who came in the pouring rain on the first day of rifle season to come be a part of something exciting and energizing! One person told me after the speech "I was really proud to be a Republican tonight!"

We did something GOOD yesterday, and I think Brandon felt it. I spoke to people who drove from Bennington, from White River Junction, from Colchester. We even had people drive across state lines from New Hampshire, Mass & New York. We had college students from Castleton to Champlain. And of course we had locals from Brandon, Pittsford & Sudbury.

Click here to watch the video I released last night with a quick recap of the impact we had on just one restaurant in Brandon. After recording that video, I spoke with another couple from New York who had been planning a get-away and when they heard about our event they said "Let's Go to Brandon" so they were eating out, filling their gas tank and even renting an overnight room.

At 1:30pm we had our YouTube premiere of my speech from last night's rally. If you were not a fan of this whole idea, I ask you to please reserve judgement until you hear the solid Republican message that we released. If you're not a subscriber yet, click here to subscribe and you can also sign up to get notifications whenever we release new video content.

After that you can check out the positive coverage we got:

Also, the Atlantic weighed in on the issue of words and their meanings with this phrase, saying
"The meme is a wild, woolly kink in the intersection of language, politics, wit, and creativity, and is a prime example of why language change is a spectator sport."

Let's Go!

Thank you,
Chairman Paul Dame

P.S. We sold out of merchandise last night, but you can still order online here for delivery.