• Campaign Season KICK OFF

    Join Us: Saturday, March 16th of St Patrick's Day Weekend!

  • Where Do You Go for VT News?

    To be informed on issues and events affecting our state apart from the progressive propaganda that has been controlling the available media for decades, check out these media options that Vermonters can and should sign up for:

  • Help Us Ensure Votor List Integrity

    Get an extra ballot? Get one for someone not living there? Read on!

    Just yesterday I was on a local radio station and once again the very first caller wanted to talk about the problem happening in Vermont with our new mail-out ballot process.

    Well the Republican Party is taking action to correct this.  That's why we launched an "Excess Ballot" Reporting system from our website.  You can find the link here:

    If any voter has received a ballot that was sent to their address incorrectly, they can complete a report on our website that we will forward to the proper election officials for challenge or removal.

    We can't continue to allow easily solvable problems like this to cost the state money and frustrate voters with excess ballots.  If Democrats don't care about improving our election systems, then Republicans will step in and do what we can.

    Now that we've created the reporting system we need YOUR help to get the word out.  Share with your neighbors and friends.

  • GOP Candidate for Attorney General Wants Tighter Bail, Backs Qualified Immunity

    Michael Tagliavia

    My journey to becoming a Vermonter began in 2014 after a friend moved here with his wife, who has multiple generations of Vermonters in her blood. My wife and I purchased our log cabin on a mountain in the town of Corinth in 2015 and became permanent residents in 2019.  I am impressed on a daily basis with the kindness, trust, generosity, and helpfulness of the Vermonters I come into contact with.

  • Welch Stock Trading Makes Front Page of New York Times.

    This month, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Rep. Peter Welch has received at least three pieces of bad campaign news: critical coverage of his stock trading on the front page of the New York Times, positive national news coverage of GOP darkhorse challenger Gerald Malloy, and a national poll showing Malloy just 6.5% behind him.

  • Serious Problems

    Many people, including myself, are starting to get their offers to pre-buy home heating fuel for the upcoming winter. My offer was almost 35% higher than what I paid just 6 months ago. Others are telling me they are paying 50% to 70% more than they pre-ordered last year. And winter pre-buying is usually supposed to be a discount – so it makes many of us wonder what this winter might have in store.

    But as bad as it will be for Vermonters to be paying hundreds more to get warm this winter, one thing to be thankful for is that if we had been missing just one Republican legislator last May to help sustain Gov. Scott’s veto on a new carbon tax, home heating fuel might have been even more expensive.