Dave Weeks to Run for VT Senate

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                              Dave Weeks Will Run for Rutland County Senate Seat

Rutland County, VT---The Rutland County Republicans are pleased to announce that Dave Weeks, originally from Wallingford, now residing in Proctor is joining the race to represent Rutland County as one of our State Senators.

Foremost on Dave’s agenda is regional economic rejuvenation via business incentives and tourism enhancement.  He recognizes the uniqueness of Vermont’s natural beauty/resources and the abundant underutilized local economic infrastructure, but believes strongly in balancing our quality of life for the next wave of regional economic revitalization. Dave sees a critical need for investing in highways/broadband infrastructure, lowering taxation, tourism rebranding, and working closely with our New York/New Hampshire/Massachusetts/Canadian neighbors.

As a political moderate and fiscal conservative, he is highly skilled at diplomacy and seeking consensus but believes strongly that the status quo in VT is not good enough. He is an extremely strong advocate of small government and minimal taxation.

Dave is a highly trained business diplomat specializing in re-stabilizing projects beyond a billion dollars; a 31-year veteran as a Navy Captain/Marine enlisted; Iraq veteran; Mill River/UVM graduate with three master’s degrees in business/strategic planning/public administration as well as PhD studies in national security; balanced environmentalist; strong education advocate; and a youth organization volunteer.

Devoted husband, father and son; youngest sibling of Bob and Gerry Weeks of Wallingford, married to Leeanne (education PhD currently leading an overseas international K-12 school),  parent to son Jake (biotech CPA), daughter Sarah (Physical Assistant student), step son Mitch (music producer), and step daughter Cassandra (undergrad student).

Dave’s abundant government experience with the highest levels of national/international leadership and the critical work of the Chambers of Commerce have inspired his drive to stabilize the chaos in government and the unfortunate erosion of faith in public institutions, and has enhanced a relentless emphasis on service for our community and our state. 

To put his legislative goals in a nutshell, Dave stated, “My focus now is to rejuvenate the economic condition in Rutland County while respecting the unique soul of Vermont.”