Fireovid, I Wrote Gender Identity Op-Ed, Lost Government Contract

The State of Vermont now uses taxpayer-funded agents to discriminate against a business if the owner disagrees with Democratic ideology. Banana republic – Yes. Political cronyism – Yes. Totalitarianism – Yes. That’s the kind of government we now have in Vermont.

A specific example is the Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NRPC), which gets most of its funding from the State. Last year, I wrote an article for the Vermont Daily Chronicle warning parents that the public schools might be teaching their children about gender fluidity.

My article did not attack or blame anyone who identifies as transgender. I merely warned parents that the schools may be encouraging children to wonder if they are transgender. By doing so, schools encourage minors to disconnect from their physical reality and possibly mutilate their bodies for no good reason.

Because I wrote this warning to parents, the NRPC cancelled a contract my wife and I had with them. They told us flat out – my article was the only reason they cut us off, and they refused to discuss the matter with me. When we informed our State legislators, who happen to be Republican, of NRPC’s discrimination, their response was that they can’t do anything about citizen oppression committed by State agents because Democrats have ironclad control of the State legislature. 

When one political party has way too much power, that party can easily punish and strongarm anyone and everyone who disagrees with their ideas, even if those ideas are ridiculous and injurious.  We need balance back in Montpelier; or else the banana republic, political cronyism, and totalitarianism befouling Vermont will continue. Maybe you or one of your loved ones will be the next victim. Please get everyone you know to vote this November. Thank you!

The author is a Grand Isle County resident. His December 29, 2021 op-ed did not refer to any specific school, nor did it reference the NRPCVT generically or by name. The NRCPVT statement of inclusion pledges to celebrate diversity, including gender identity, in all of its policies and practices.

Robert Fireovid

Courtesy Vermont Daily Chronicle

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